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His cell rang and he picked it up and talked for half a minute before hanging up. They were gaining distance on the rest of the group when Ben, without turning to look or even changing his facial expression, said, “So what’s the deal with you?”
Zack was completely thrown by the question and decided to be ambiguous, “what’s the deal with you?”
Ben wasn’t buying it, “I think we’ve got the same deal going on.

Hentai: [ShimaPan (Ominaeshi)] DOA Harem (Dead or Alive) [Digital]

DOA Harem 1DOA Harem 2DOA Harem 3DOA Harem 4DOA Harem 5DOA Harem 6DOA Harem 7DOA Harem 8DOA Harem 9DOA Harem 10DOA Harem 11DOA Harem 12DOA Harem 13DOA Harem 14DOA Harem 15DOA Harem 16DOA Harem 17DOA Harem 18DOA Harem 19DOA Harem 20DOA Harem 21DOA Harem 22DOA Harem 23DOA Harem 24DOA Harem 25DOA Harem 26DOA Harem 27DOA Harem 28DOA Harem 29DOA Harem 30DOA Harem 31DOA Harem 32DOA Harem 33DOA Harem 34DOA Harem 35DOA Harem 36DOA Harem 37DOA Harem 38DOA Harem 39DOA Harem 40

[しまぱん (オミナエシ)]DOAハーレム(デッドオアアライブ) [DL版]

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