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She ordered a cola and I asked for a frozen Margarita with salt. You are the most precious person in my world! Will you marry me?” She didn’t even hesitate.

Hentai: (Futaket vs. ABC ~Hentaisai~) [HONEY QP (Inochi Wazuka)] Kougyaku!! SOS-dan (Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu [The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya])

Kougyaku!! SOS-dan 1Kougyaku!! SOS-dan 2Kougyaku!! SOS-dan 3Kougyaku!! SOS-dan 4Kougyaku!! SOS-dan 5Kougyaku!! SOS-dan 6Kougyaku!! SOS-dan 7Kougyaku!! SOS-dan 8Kougyaku!! SOS-dan 9Kougyaku!! SOS-dan 10Kougyaku!! SOS-dan 11Kougyaku!! SOS-dan 12Kougyaku!! SOS-dan 13Kougyaku!! SOS-dan 14Kougyaku!! SOS-dan 15Kougyaku!! SOS-dan 16Kougyaku!! SOS-dan 17Kougyaku!! SOS-dan 18Kougyaku!! SOS-dan 19Kougyaku!! SOS-dan 20Kougyaku!! SOS-dan 21Kougyaku!! SOS-dan 22Kougyaku!! SOS-dan 23Kougyaku!! SOS-dan 24Kougyaku!! SOS-dan 25Kougyaku!! SOS-dan 26

(ふたけっと対ABC~変態祭~) [HONEY QP (命わずか)]肛虐!SOS団(涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱)

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